Please join us for the following presentations by Hortulus readers & reviewers at the International Congress of Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo, May 8-11, 2014:

Thursday, 3:30 pm
Session 125: Speech, Performance, and Authority in Later Medieval Religious Literature I
Schneider 1345
Jenny C. Bledsoe, organizer

Session 127: Monsters I: Parallel Worlds
Room: Schneider 1360
Melissa Ridley Elmes and Deva Fall Kemmis: “(Not) Solving the Mystery: The Complexity of the Melusine Legendary in Medieval French and German Traditions”

Thursday, 7:30 pm
Session 153: Speech, Performance, and Authority in Later Medieval Religious Literature II
Room: Schneider 1345
Jenny C. Bledsoe, organizer & presider

Session 154: Monsters II: Monstrous Gender
Room: Schneider 1350
Melissa Ridley Elmes, organizer

Friday, 10:00 am
Session 198: Carolingian Art and Artists
Room: Schneider 1275
Elizabeth Fischer, “‘The turtledove and the swallow and the stork watched for the time of his coming’: BIrds, Revelation and the Ideal Viewer in Early Medieval Gospel Books”

Friday, 1:30 pm
Session 257: Monastic Normativities
Room: Schneider 1345
Paul Brazinski, presider

Friday, 3:30 pm
Session 304: Between Europe and England: Early Middle English Sermons in a European Context
Room: Schneider 1255
Jennifer Illig, “Shaping the Words of the Gospel: Translation and Interpolation in English Wycliffite Sermons”

Session 311: Monks Going Wild
Room: Schneider 1345
Paul Brazinski, “Maximus the Confessor and Constans II: a punishment fit for an unruly abbot”

Please join us in the courtyard of the wine reception from 5:00-6:00—

Saturday, 10:00 am
Session 347: Old English Hagiography
Room: Schneider 1125
Jenny C. Bledsoe, “Intercession and Devotion: Guthlac and Bartholomew in the Old English Prose Guthlac and Vercelli Homily XXIII”

Session 365: Performance of Women’s Voices in Medieval Lyric: Theory and Evidence
Room: Schneider 1340
Sarah Kate Moore, “Come ant daunce wyt me”: Middle English Women-Voiced Carols and Their Uses”

Saturday, 3:30 pm
Session 438: Of Whom Shall I Be Afraid? Enemies in the Medieval Period
Emerson Storm Fillman Richards, organizer
Sebastian Rider-Bezerra, presider
Edward Mead Bowen, “(Former) Enemies at the Gates: Insinuations of Betrayal in ‘Pa gur yv y
Josephine Livingstone, “’Into That Vile Countreye’: Figuring Ethnic Enmity with Gog and Magog in
Kyng Alisaunder
Antonella Luizzo Scorpo, “‘Ni e yo amigo, ni enemigo’: Enmity, Trust, and Betrayal in Thirteenth-Century Iberia”
Daniel F. Melleno, “Franks and Scandinavians: Good Neighbors / Bad Neighbors”