The Hortulus staff is very pleased to welcome our new assistant editors for the 2015 Volume:

Spring 2015

Victoria Shirley (Cardiff University). Victoria is a doctoral candidate at Cardiff University, where she focuses on reception studies centered on Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain in late medieval England, Scotland, and Wales. Her interests comprise Arthurian literature (medieval and modern), chronicles and historical writing, medievalism, medieval cultural studies, nationalism and nation studies, and origin.

Natalie Whitaker (Missouri State University). Natalie is a master’s student with dual interests in medieval literature and digital technologies. Her particular areas of interest comprise Anglo-Saxon studies, historical and cultural studies, gender studies, Book History, Composition and Rhetoric, Digital Humanities, Integration of Technology in Humanities and Arts and Letters Classrooms.

Fall 2015

Michelle Seiler (University of Iowa). A doctoral candidate in History, Michelle is a socio-legal historian primarily interested in the intersection of law and community. Her dissertation uses social network analysis to investigate the multiple, overlapping communities in late medieval English towns and how law was used to construct and traverse these communities in order to form an urban identity.

Gwendolyne Knight (Stockholm University). Gwendolyne is a doctoral student in History with a strong background in languages (Latin, Old English, Old Irish, Old French, and Old Norse, as well as Middle English). As a historian she is interested in mentalities and mental states of people in the Middle Ages and  magic, the supernatural, and the esoteric. Her geographic focus is on Northern Europe, particularly England, Ireland, and Scandinavia.

Our assistant editors for this year’s volume of the journal represent the ongoing commitment to international and interdisciplinary academic engagement that distinguishes Hortulus among graduate peer-reviewed journals. We are excited to be working with such dynamic, multi-talented people from a broad range of scholarly interests and geographic locations.