After careful deliberation of a number of qualified applicants, we have finally settled on the new co-editor for Hortulus. Nadine Kuipers of the University of Groningen will be joining us this Fall as the Junior editor, with Melissa Ridley Elmes moving into the senior editor’s position as Jenny Bledsoe leaves the editorial staff.

Nadine holds a Research Master’s degree in Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies, with a specialization in the field of medieval English literature and book history, and a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Culture, also from the University of Groningen. She is currently working on a PhD, with medieval husbandry books comprising the subject of her dissertation. Her multidisciplinary approach to medieval studies, comprising paleography and codicology, art, landscape, and archaeology, will permit her to work across disciplines with article writers and book reviewers, while the extensive digital humanities experience she has gleaned through working on the digital John Skelton project will help ensure that Hortulus Journal arrives safely and bug-free to your computer screen, Ipad, mobile phone, and other digital reading platforms.

The Hortulus staff would like to present its heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Jenny Bledsoe for her strong leadership of the journal over the past two years, and we wish her well as she continues her doctoral studies at Emory University.