We are excited to announce that Hortulus is hosting its first-ever social media event: #AskaDHMedievalist!

Are you a medievalist who is interested in using digital humanities in your teaching or scholarship, but unsure of how to proceed? Looking for tips, advice, or resources for a digital project? Wondering how to apply for medieval-focused DH grants? Concerned about how to market yourself as both a medievalist and a digital humanities scholar?Or maybe you just wonder what a medievalist digital humanities scholar does in terms of scholarship?

For the next two weeks (October 1-14), we are collecting your questions about the intersection of medieval studies and digital humanities via Twitter (#AskaDHMedievalist, tweeted to @HortulusJournal) and our Facebook page. No question is too basic or too technical!

Your questions will be answered by two medievalist digital humanities scholars in the Fall 2015 issue of Hortulus Journal.

ready…. set…. ask away!

Melissa Ridley Elmes and Nadine Kuipers, Hortulus Editors