Note from the Editor

As part of our first Conference Proceedings Section, we present contributions from two of the four panelists who presented in our sponsored session, “Of Whom Shall I Be Afraid: Enemies in the Middle Ages.” Our 2014 Kalamazoo organizer also contributes a response to the session.

  • Daniel F. Melleno (University of California, Berkeley) provides an expanded abstract of his paper, “Scandinavians and Franks: Good Neighbors–Bad Neighbors.”
  • Edward Mead Bowen (Aberystwyth University) presents a modified version of the full paper he presented at Kalamazoo, entitled “(Former) Enemies at the Gate: Insinuations of Betrayal in Pa gur yv y porthaur.”
  • The other two papers presented in the Hortulus session were “‘Ni e yo amigo, ni enemigo’: Enmity, Trust, and Betrayal in Thirteenth-Century Iberia” by Antonella Liuzzo Scorpo (University of Lincoln) and “‘Into that vile countreye’: Figuring Ethnic Enmity with Gog and Magog in Kyng Alisaunder” by Josephine Livingstone (New York University)
  • Emerson Storm Fillman Richards (Indiana University, Bloomington), Hortulus‘s 2014 Kalamazoo organizer, provides a response to each of the four papers and considers the scholarly implications of the session as a whole.

Jenny C. Bledsoe
Hortulus co-editor


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