General Interest

The general interest section of Hortulus is devoted to non-peer reviewed (but edited) columns on topics which relate to medieval studies and graduate student experiences in medieval studies, but are not academic articles. Examples of such columns could include: reflections on graduate experiences in medieval studies programs, observations and recommendations in terms of conducting research or scholarship in medieval studies, discussion of a museum exhibit, a discussion on a medieval-focused television program, teaching medieval studies in the classroom, a recent play related to medieval studies, a recent conference, or other related topic.

This is an open column that is lightly edited by our editorial staff, but not peer-reviewed, and the contents do not necessarily reflect the views of the journal or its editors. If you are interested in submitting a column for this section please send us an email with your idea or already written piece and we will be happy to discuss your submission.

General Interest columns will appear in the main page blog and the links to each entry can be found below.

1. Sarah Kathryn Moore, “The Interdisciplinary Advantage: Being a Medievalist in a Small Program,” May 26, 2015.

2. Lucy Barnhouse, “The Medievalist Abroad: Widening the Conference Circuit,” May 31, 2015.

3. A. W. Strouse, “How To Be Unprofessional,” June 7, 2015.

4. Arendse Lund, “A Garden of Delights in the V&A’s Opus Anglicanum,” January 23, 2017.


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