General Interest Submissions Editor

Job Purpose

The General Interest Submissions Editor will be primarily responsible for soliciting, procuring, editing, and producing submissions for the General Interest section of the Hortulus website. The purpose of the post is to solicit and curate pieces of written or multimedia columns on topics which relate to medieval studies but are not pieces of independent academic research. The post length will be immediately from July 2013 and extended length will depend on the individual circumstances of the applicants with the post not to exceed 1 year. Applicants must maintain their position as a graduate student (US)/post-graduate researcher (UK) during the entire length of the position and MUST NOT attain a doctoral degree during this period. If you have already received your doctorate degree or WILL receive your doctorate degree during this term you will be ineligible for the position.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  1. To research relevant exhibitions, films, events, etc for review opportunities. Once identified, the Editor will, if possible, contact said relevant exhibitions et. al. for possible tickets/copies for review purposes.
  2. The Editor will try to find events as globally as possible and contact relevant Hortulus readers and followers to write reviews of these events. Email lists, Facebook, and Twitter will be the primary resources used for such contact.
  3. To encourage and solicit already written reviews from interested parties.
  4. To edit all content before publication on the website.
  5. To upload and publish content on the website.
  6. To promote each publication using social media.

Knowledge, Qualifications, Skills, and Experience


  • Ability to edit prose for content, organization, and detailed areas such as grammar and punctuation
  • Ability to produce competent prose
  • Organizational skills
  • IT literacy
  • Communicative
  • Able to adhere to strict editorial schedule


  • Familiarity with basic HTML

Rate of Pay

All positions at Hortulus are un-paid voluntary positions and provide an opportunity for MA/PhD students to get more involved in online academic publishing.

Closing Date

5th of August, 2013


Please email the following items to [email protected]:

  • Your completed Application Form
  • A copy of your CV in PDF format
  • A short cover letter with your statement of interest

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