Hortulus: The Online Graduate Journal of Medieval Studies is a multidisciplinary refereed postgraduate journal devoted to the literatures, cultures, and ideas of the medieval world. Published electronically twice a year, its mission is to present a forum in which graduate students from around the globe may share their work.

Hortulus has an open submission policy, so submissions are accepted throughout the year. Graduate students are welcome to submit previously unpublished articles that challenge our readers to look at the Middle Ages from a variety of perspectives by engaging in new theories and interdisciplinary research. All articles should be submitted via email; submission guidelines can be found here.

We publish a themed issue each spring, and a general issue each autumn. Calls for papers for each issue can be found on the main page of the website. There are also various position openings in Hortulus throughout the year so watch our social media outlets for information.


Nadine Kuipers, Hortulus Journal Co-Editor, 2015-2017

University of Groningen
PhD Student, English
Dissertation: Medieval Husbandry Books in Manuscript and Print
Primary Interests: Agricultural manuals and household miscellanies, John Skelton, incunabula, grafting, history of science, reception history, digital humanities.

Gwendolyne Knight, Hortulus Journal Co-Editor, 2016-2018

Stockholm University
PhD Student, History/Archaeology
Dissertation: Broken Order: Shapeshifting as Metaphor in the Early Medieval North
Primary Interests: Magic and the supernatural, history of science and medicine, history of perception and mentalities, medieval anthropology, medieval reception in popular culture.



Ryan Lawrence Cornell University
Rebecca Straple Western Michigan University

Nadine Kuipers, Gwendolyne Knight, Ryan Lawrence

Heidi Djuve, Aberdeen University


Dustin Aaron, The Cortauld Institute

Rasoul Aliakbari, University of Alberta

Rachel Allerton, University of Sydney

Uta Ayala, Northwestern University

Linus Band, University of Wales

Stephen Barker, University of South Carolina

Laura Beattie, Freie Universität Berlin

Laura Godfrey, University of Connecticut

Eleanor Bloomfield, University of Auckland

Ashley Bohrer, DePaul University

Danielle Bradley, Rutgers University

Paul Brazinski, Catholic University of America

Steven Bruso, Fordham University

Robert Byers, Fordham University

Charles Carroll, Brown University

Justin Michael Colvin, University of Southern California

Vanessa R. Corcoran, Catholic University of America

Zoe Cunningham, University of Exeter

Katherine Daley, Georgia State University

Rohit K. Dasgupta, SOAS University of London

Enes Dedić, University of Sarajevo

Hollie Devanney, The University of Hull

Lia DykstraBrown University

Gerald Dyson, University of York

Natanela Elias, Tel Aviv University

Andrew Eichel, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Gareth Evans, University of Oxford

Kelly Evans, Southern Methodist University

Nicoletta FazioRuprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg

Marlia E. Fontaine-Weisse, The University of Akron

Alexandra Garner, University of Connecticut

James Gilmer, Cardiff University and Wright State University

Micah Goodrich, University of Connecticut

Mary Anne Gonzales, University of Guelph

Gillian Gower, UCLA

Stefanie Goyette, Harvard University

Lindsey Hansen, Indiana University: Bloomington

Eilidh Harris, University of St Andrews

Perry Neil Harrison, Baylor University

Jessie C. Herron, University of Montevallo

Neil Hillis, University of Alabama

Lucy Hinnie, University of Edinburgh

Robert Houghton, University of St Andrews

SaraLouise Howells, Penn State University

Kerstin Hundahl, Lund University

Katrina Ingram, Manchester Metropolitan University

Alexis Jackson, Brown University

Marianna Kaplun, Gorky Institute of World Literature

Lucy Jasmine King, University of Sydney

Gwendolyne KnightStockholm University

Sarah Laseke, Leiden University

Elizabeth Light, Fordham University

Andrew Manns, The Warburg Institute

Heather Muckart, University of British Columbia

Kiera Naylor, University of Sydney

Emma Osborne, University of Glasgow

Azime Pekşen, Hacettepe University

Claire Pascolini-Campbell, University of St Andrews

Nicole Pulichene, Harvard University

Emerson Richards, University of Florida

Sukanya Rai-Sharma, University of Cambridge and University of Vienna

Mary Rambaram-Olm, University of Glasgow

Emerson Storm Fillman Richards, Indiana University

Abigail Robertson, University of New Mexico

Patryk Ryczkowski, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Felisa Baynes-Ross, Fordham University

J.D. Sargan, University of Oxford

Courtney Selvage, University College Cork

Joseph ShackCardiff University

Justin Shaw, Emory University

Victoria Shirley, Cardiff University

Emily Shreve, Lehigh University

Helen Smith, University of Edinburgh

Allen Strouse, City University of New York

Rémi Terryn, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (Paris)

Audrey Thorstad, University of Leeds

Maria Tranter, University of Basel, Switzerland

Alexandra Verini, UCLA

Heather Wacha, University of Iowa

Gráinne Watson, Duke University/University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Mahdi Alizadeh Ziaei, University of Edinburgh